New Mexico Balloon Festival

The Albuquerque International Balloon Festival is an annual hot air ballooning event that occurs in Albuquerque, New Mexico during late October. The event, which was started in 1963, was originally sponsored by the United States Army. Today the event is promoted and supported by various corporations, museums, universities, businesses, and private individuals. Throughout the course of the day, the participants of this event are expected to be pelted with colorful lights. artwork In addition, many of the spectators will be treated to musical performances and fireworks. Visitors to this festival are encouraged to bring an assortment of balloons and glow sticks with them. During the hot air balloon trip, participants are also encouraged to visit the various landmarks in the city of Albuquerque. These include the famous "Taos Mesa," which is located on the border of Albuquerque and Taos. The site has also been identified as being one of the oldest ruins in the country. The event also takes place at the site of the former Albuquerque YMCA in New Jersey. In addition, several different historical events and landmarks are located in New Mexico as well.

Viewing The Event

There are also some places where visitors can experience hot air ballooning in a variety of sizes. These include the Hot Air Balloon Society Skyline, located in San Francisco, California. This is located on the roof of a building and has an observation deck. In addition, it includes a viewing area where spectators can view the entire event from above. Another hot air ballooning club located in Tucson, Arizona is the Tucson Hot Air Balloon Association. graphic This club hosts hot air balloon flights on weekends and holidays. A pilot from Tucson, AZ will guide the aircraft, which travels to the Albuquerque area on a Saturday or Sunday morning and returns on a Saturday night or Sunday evening. A special hot air balloon trip is available for children. At the Hot Air Balloon Adventure, children will fly in the same manner as adults but will receive a demonstration of how to properly handle the balloon by their instructors and get to enjoy the scenery and surroundings while learning about the science of hot air balloons. Once the aircraft reaches its destination, the aircraft is towed to a landing field where it is prepared for its arrival on the ground. After the completion of the ride, the participants should take time to relax by dining at the local restaurants and drinking from the local liquor. Several different hotels are located in the area, as well, including the historic Hotel Las Cruces, which is located within walking distance of the festival site.

Kids and Adults Alike

If you have never experienced hot air balloon rides before, you may want to consider making this event part of your family vacation. Many people come to Albuquerque for the atmosphere that the New Mexico Balloon Festival provides. This is a unique experience that anyone looking for a great time can appreciate. As long as you are prepared for the trip ahead, you will be able to enjoy this incredible experience with your entire family. figure Balloon rides are not only meant for adults. Many children who have never seen hot air ballooning before attending this festival because they are curious about how it works. Balloon rides are an ideal way for young children to learn about the science of flying. While flying the balloons, children can witness the amazing sights and sounds that surround them as well as they take in the scenic views of the surrounding landscape. Balloon festivals are also offered for young adults, and there are balloon riding lessons available for them. As young as six years old, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of riding in an airplane as you learn about the various aspects of balloon flight. The best way to enjoy the ride is to purchase the necessary tickets from the operator that is offering the ride in advance so you can reserve your spot in advance. Balloon festivals in Albuquerque provide adults and children with an opportunity to share the thrill of riding in an aircraft and seeing the spectacular scenery from above. The weather is perfect for enjoying this fun-filled activity, as winds remain moderate throughout the entire day. Balloon rides are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without being concerned about weather conditions.