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Blackberry wine


A marvelous unique wine made from 100% blackberry. A lighter bodied wine with a pleasing fruity finish. This wine has delicious notes of butter toffee, pie cherries and nuts. Pairs well with spicy red chile dishes, sharp and mild cheeses and fruits, especially apple. 


An exceptional wine. 100% wild cherry. Big, intense, red-style table wine. Anasazi Fields is the only commercial winery in the world producing this wine. With a complex balance of fruit, acid and oak, this wine is a delight to drink. It promises to hold its quality, if not improve, in the bottle for 10 to 20 years. This wine begs to be served with game or chocolate. 

Plum wine

NV (Non-Vintage) PLUM  $37.50

A blend of several small batches of older, mature plum wines (late 1990s to early 2000s) this is a smooth, fruity, balanced wine with full flavor. Along with the plum, there are hints of cherry and citrus in the taste to accompany the lovely floral  aroma.  



Our cranberry wine is a perfect complement to the turkey dinner any time of the year.  It also makes a wonderful mulled wine for the holiday festivities or a lovely spritzer if mixed 50/50 with sparkling wine.  The wine is pure cranberry.  It is still tart in spite of a few percent residual sugar.  We recently bottled a new batch of the American Cranberry and it is delicious.

NM GUAJALOTE    $17.50

To a 2012 New Mexico Brut blend, we added 24% of our 2011 American Cranberry wine to produce an off-dry rose style wine.
A lovely and refreshing summer sipper.  We recommend serving ice-cold. 

La LunaNEW MEXICO LA LUNA    $17.50  

Our latest foray into grape wines - with a twist.  A blend of  a 2012 NM Chardonnay and 25% 2004 Placitas Peach.  An excellent off-dry sipping wine with a delightful light taste that also pairs well with food.  Excellent with creamy, nutty, buttery cheeses; try it with poached salmon or shrimp scampi or some spinach and cheese tortellini in an olive oil sauce. It just gets better with every sip.

NEW MEXICO BLANCO SECO    $17.50Blanco Seco wine musings

 A grape wine - with a twist.  Starting with a fine 2010 New Mexico Chardonnay, we added 9% of our 1999 Apricot wine to create an exciting white wine with a rich, crisp finish.  An exceptionally well-balanced wine - the apricot, the oak,  the chardonnay - it all just works well together. This wine is an excellent complement to sharp cheddar cheese, rich seafood, and creamy Italian dishes.

2000 NEW MEXICO APRICOT   $12.50

A rich, old apricot wine with sherry overtones.  The wine has an intense floral nose and finish with a deep sun-dried apricot palate in between.  A perfect complement to seafood and creamy Italian dishes.

2001 NEW MEXICO PEACH    $12.50

A delicious dry wine produced from select peaches grown in the Placitas area.  It has an intense peach nose, crisp finish and enough acid to complement a range of foods from cheese to seafood.  It's a great summer sipper served slightly chilled. 

Rojo Seco wine musingsNEW MEXICO ROJO SECO    $17.50

Another grape wine - with a twist.  Starting with a fine 2010 New Mexico Syrah, we added 9% of our 2008 Wild Cherry wine to create an exceptional big red wine.  The blend was aged on oak for over a year for a rich, smooth finish.


One more venture into grape wines with a twist.  To a 2004 New Mexico Merlot, we added 5% of our 2004 New Mexico Blackberry wine.   The blend has been on oak since 2005.   The wine is a remarkable Merlot with more than a "hint of blackberry."

MYSTERIA  $37.50

Mysteria - a wildly complex, big red-style wine.  A blend of plum, apricot, wild cherry and raspberry. A fascinating complement to Greek, Italian and Mid-Eastern cuisines.


A field blend of Syrah, Black Malvasia and Gamay grapes grown by us in the Historic Village of Placitas. We use a "co-sequential fermentation" process to produce a deep, multi-layered, seductive red wine with notes of plums, cherries, figs, black pepper and Mediterranean spices. A well-crafted wine that will only get better as it continues to age in the bottle.

oro de placitasORO DE PLACITAS (375ml)  $30.00

A lovely 100% apricot aperitif with enough fruit, richness, complexity and oak to balance the higher alcohol. We recommend sipping the wine well-chilled on a summer evening with a little smoked salmon and shaved hard cheese; or later, around a campfire, to stimulate the lies and to awaken the ghosts; or on a winter night snuggling in front of the fireplace.

CAPULIN (375ml)  $45.00

Pure chokecherry from the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  A legendary aperitif wine.  We are delighted to bring this fine old tradition to you.  Celebrate the intense flavors of the magical landscape.  Savor this special wine with special friends in special places.

All prices per 750 ml bottle (except where noted) at the Winery, tax included.


Although many of our wines are sold only at the winery, there are a few retail outlets where a limited selection of our wines can found:

In Albuquerque, NM:

  • Total Wine & More
    • 6701 Uptown Blvd NE (by ABQ Uptown)
    • 10420 Coors Bypass NW (by Cottonwood Mall)
  • Kelly Liquors
    • 6300 San Mateo Blvd NE (San Mateo & Academy NE)
    • 5850 Eubank Blvd NE (carries only the American Cranberry)
      • in Mountain Run Shopping  Center
  • Quarters Discount Liquors 
    • 4516 Wyoming Blvd NE (Wyoming & Montgomery NE)
  • Whole Foods in Albuquerque
    • 5815 Wyoming Blvd NE (Wyoming & Academy NE)
    • 2103 Carlisle Blvd NE  (Carlisle & Indian School NE)

In Los Alamos, NM:
    In Bernalillo/Placitas, NM:
  • The Merc in Placitas
    • 221 Hwy 165, Placitas, NM 
  • Home at the Range Gift Shop at the Range Cafe
    • 925 Camino del Pueblo, Bernalillo, NM 
    In Mesilla, NM:  (in the Las Cruces, NM area)
  • Black Range Winery and Vintage Wines (carries only the American Cranberry)
    • 2461 Calle de Principal, Mesilla, NM

A selection of  Anasazai Fields Winery wines are available for purchase over the Internet and can be shipped to you. 
Since all of our wines are not listed on the vinoshipper website, we recommend sending us an email before you order (fish@anasazifieldswinery.com).  Let us know what you want and we will tell you what to order to make the numbers come out correct.  When we have received the shipping label from vinoshipper, we will make sure to pack the box with what you want. 

The states to which we can currently ship are AK, CA, CO, FL, ID, LA, MN, MO, NE, NV, NH, ND, OH, OR, VA, DC, WV, WY. All other states either prohibit shipping wine into the state by individual wineries or require an outrageous permitting and reporting process.

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